21-Day Health Boost Program

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• Do you feel tired all the time? And getting more sleep just doesn’t boost your energy levels?

• Are there many days on which your brain just won’t cooperate for more than a second?

• Are the daily bloating after every meal, stiff joints, or unhappy bowels, preventing you from enjoying life to the fullest?

• Perhaps you just don’t feel like yourself – like something isn’t right, although you have a nice life!?

• Can’t seem to be able to lose weight? Or get rid of water retention?

Here’s some good news if you answered ‘YES’ to any of those questions:

Your body isn’t broken…

It just needs some TLC → the 21-Day Health Boost Program


Let’s face it… our modern lifestyle is stressful.

Do you know what rhymes with work overload, lack of sleep and stress?

Blood sugar issues – Did you know that drops in blood sugar levels can cause headaches and make you all cranky, lethargic or crave sugary foods? Or that you may feel ravenous and then extremely tired when your blood sugar spikes?

Sex hormone dysregulation – Having an unhealthy gut flora can lead to hormone levels that are either too high or too low. It all depends on how the bacteria in your gut metabolize these hormones.

Chronic inflammation – Yes, that’s the bad guy that causes all kind of nasty diseases (including autoimmune diseases) and favors accumulation of nasty fat around the organs. Plus, it messes with hormone production leading to hormone levels that are all over the place.

Dwindling production of gastric acid and digestive enzymes – Hello bloat, constipation, diarrhoea, lethargy, mood swings, brain fog, acne, joint pain, and the list goes on.

Hormonal imbalances – These can eventually lead to thyroid problems or HPA-axis dysfunction (more commonly – but erroneously – known as ‘adrenal fatigue’ or ‘adrenal burnout’).

And guess what?

All these symptoms go hand-in-hand with nutrient depletion that is often a ‘side-effect’ of the standard Western diet. That’s where the 21-Day Health Boost Program can transform your life.

You see? Eating a varied plant-based diet is an effective way to:

Rebalance your sex hormones and those that control your appetite.

Heal your gut, by giving your friendly bugs enough nutrients to flourish.

Boost your phytonutrient intake, and heal your body from the inside out.

Strengthen your immune system, and finally tone down the inflammation!

Replenish your body stores of nutrients, so that your adrenal glands can deal with external stressors.

Prevent blood sugar fluctuations, which can eventually lead to hot flashes, insomnia, skin breakouts, chronic fatigue, and weight gain.


In a nutshell, it is a ‘Start-When-YOU-Want‘, fully guided, 100% online program that revolves around eating mostly minimally processed plant-based foods.

This includes fruits, veggies, legumes, seeds, and unprocessed plant fats. The idea is to replenish your body’s nutrient stores, so that you can finally observe your health improve exponentially.

During these 21 days, you’ll also be eliminating (or at least, reducing) foods that have been shown to cause inflammation in the body, such as animal products (meats, seafood, dairy products) as well as refined sugar, industrial seed oils, and wheat.

Dairy Free!

Gluten Free!



Unlike many ‘detoxes’ and cleanses and diets out there, this program doesn’t rely on weird powders to ingest, or pills to pop.

You won’t need to stock your dietary supplement cabinet to complete this program – just your fridge.

You won’t need to bring your calculator, or food scale, to the table since the 21-Day Health Boost Program does not involve any calorie counting, or food weighing. Why? Because those boring (and super irritating) practices make eating a bummer when, to be healthy, you need to enjoy what you’re eating. Plus, remember how stress messes with your digestion? So, isn’t it counter-intuitive to get all stressed out whenever you need to eat?

There are ZERO diet foods. After all, these have been shown to mess with your insulin levels, overall hormonal balance, and brain chemistry. You’ll only be eating REAL, delicious foods that you can enjoy for a lifetime, without going bankrupt.

There is absolutely no gimmick going on with the 21-Day Health Boost Program.

Just real people getting real results

“My life has completely changed since I adopted whole food, plant-based diet and lifestyle. After completing the 21-Day Health Boost program, I have continued this lifestyle after realizing my energy level drastically increased, mental focus and clarity increased, and having positive moods more consistently. The challenge is carefully structured to guide you through successfully, though it goes with self-discipline and determination. After witnessing all the positive benefits I’ve experienced, my wife started the challenge as well. Thanks for being the inspiration, hosting an amazing challenge, and the continual support. Much appreciative!”.”

Sammy. UK



• 21-Day Health Boost Program

• Shopping lists

• Over 40 easy to make recipes

• 14-day Suggested Menu Options (after 14-days, you get to choose your menu).

• 100% online (whenever it’s convenient for you).


• (have been) stressed, bloated, lethargic, overwhelmed, AND ready to tackle the ROOT cause of these symptoms, namely a toxic diet.

• A parent who wants to make healthier choices for your family and have no idea where to start.

• A professional, hard worker, that’s lacking the energy to get it all done!

• Going to scream if you need to go on one more diet that will have you measure, weigh, and count.

• Curious about, or transitioning into, a plant-based diet.

Are you ready to begin your healthy journey?


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